Meet Our Facilitator

Katy Booker

Katy Booker

I have always had a natural facutation with business. As a child, I was latched onto my Grandfather's hip while being introduced to business meetings, the banking world, and entrepreneurial decisions. By the time, I was in high school I already had numerous dreams of opening and operating my own businesses, but as a high-schooler that dream seemed so far fetch. Fortunately for so many students, it no longer is. Although my personal business path has still not happened, I continued my studies in Business as I went to Indiana State University. 

I graduated with my Bachelor's in Business Education and Business Administration in December 2020. Today, I am extremely lucky to continued to be a part of the business world in my daily life. I teach midde school business in my afternoons and faciliate my wonderful CEO students each morning. I am extremely fortunate to be able to do something I love; getting to see business principles click on both ends of the spectrum is genuinely one of my favorite things. 

In my life outside of business, I coach varsity high school soccer, set as board member of my local youth soccer league, and travel whenever possible. I measure success by the amount of joy in your life, and just like my professional job, my personal life is focused on my joyful aspirations always.